Registration is still open for an upcoming event that aims to teach children how to respond in various situations, like those of an emergency or instances of bullying.

STAT EMS partners with local communities to provide Rescue 9-1-1, which is a free event geared toward children between the ages of eight and 12. The hands-on learning program gives children the knowledge, skills and confidence to protect themselves and react safely in emergency situations, in addition to education about bullying and ways to support their well-being and nutrition.

Rescue 911 will be at Bush Park in the City of Fenton on Tuesday, June 18th, with the program running from 9am to 1:30pm. Some of the activities included in this year’s event are police, EMS, and fire vehicle tours, and informational sessions on bike and helmet safety, water, railroad, and fire safety, and fire prevention.

Partners included in this years 2019 Rescue 911 are but not limited to; STAT EMS, Hurley Medical Center trauma nurses, UM Flint nursing, Fenton City Police, Fenton 911, Fenton City Fire Departments, Office of Genesee County Sheriff K-9, Office of Genesee County Sheriff Paramedics, CN Railroad, and Hurley Health and Wellness Nutrition.

Each child receives a free t-shirt, free lunch and a graduation certificate upon completion of the program. Spaces are limited, so those interested are encouraged to register soon. A link to register is posted below.

Picture: Rescue 911 Kids, Hurley Trauma Nurses, STAT EMS, Fenton City Fire/Police/911, Office of Genesee County Sheriff, CN Railroad Police, Hurley Fitness and Wellness and UM Flint Nursing students at Bush Park, Fenton City. Photo courtesy of STAT EMS website.