It may seem that winter has not arrived with the unseasonable temperatures but eventually the white stuff will show up and the City of Brighton says it’s prepared.

The City received two new plow/salt trucks and officials say they’re prepared for when the snow decides to make a bolder appearance. The vehicles are loaded with new technology to help save money, especially when it comes to salt usage. Officials say with systems that are designed to spread salt on a more even basis, usage should go down and save the City money over the course of winter. The City’s other two salt trucks have also been calibrated in an effort to help reduce usage with those trucks as well. Officials say the efforts not only reduce cost but result in environmental benefits as well.

Meanwhile, the City is offering some reminders for residents and neighbors to help plow trucks keep streets clear. When clearing a driveway or sidewalk, snow must be shoveled back in your yard or away from the road. Officials say splitting a driveway down the middle makes it easier to move the snow into the yard instead of pushing it into the street, which is against the law. Finally, the City says many kids find fun in building snow forts in the piles of snow that plow trucks push up but it can be dangerous since some like to play inside of the piles and hide when the plow trucks come by. Officials ask that parents remind kids to be safe and play out of the street or cul-de-sac areas, and encourage them to wave to the drivers instead. (JM)