By Tom Tolen /

At its meeting Thursday night, the Brighton City Council approved the purchase of a nearly $100,000 mechanical oxidation ditch aerator for the wastewater treatment plant.

The funds to purchase the item will come from 2020-21 utilities fund budget and no general fund dollars will be used. The oxidation ditch aerator will replace a 31-year-old aerator at the plant that recently failed. The WWTP requires three such aerators to operate efficiently at full capacity, which it is nearing. According to Department of Public Services Director Marcel Goch, if another aerator were to fail, the plant’s treatment ability would be “severely compromised,” and could result in non-compliance with the city’s permit and a possible fine from the state regulatory agency. A Request for Proposals was posted on the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network, but only one response was received.

The bid, which was approved by the city, was submitted by the Titus Welding Co. of Farmington Hills, at a bid price of $99,800. Goch said the company has done work for the city in the past which has always been satisfactory. In his May 7th report to council, Goch said the unfortunate failure of the expensive oxidation ditch aerator will force his department to defer other capital improvements and repairs until the 2021-22 fiscal year.