A local mother says Christmas presents she bought for her daughter with special needs were stolen from their apartment.

Wendy McPhee of Howell says the gifts for her daughter, Abigail, were taken from somewhere she thought was safe - a locked, empty apartment. According to WXYZ-TV, McPhee says there was no sign of forced entry and she is the only one that is supposed to have a key.

The mother and daughter are said to be in the middle of moving into the apartment. McPhee had hid the presents in an empty closet, but also told WXYZ that there have been signs of security issues at the Lakeshore Village Apartment before. She reportedly told management about an instance in which it appeared someone had gone through unopened boxes in the kitchen; an incident that happen prior to the presents being stolen. McPhee says her report to management was “shrugged off”.

Now, over 30 presents worth about $500 for her child, who is cognitively challenged, are gone. McPhee says after reporting that the gifts had been taken from her apartment, she was told by management that the only thing they could do was change the lock. McPhee has since filed a report with Michigan State Police.

Photo courtesy of WXYZ.