By Jessica Mathews /

A fundraising campaign has surpassed goals for a Milford teen seriously injured during a snowboarding competition on a mountain in Colorado, who is slated to return home sooner than expected.

On Saturday, February 12th, 15-year-old Chloe Howard was in a serious snowboarding accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of her fall. Chloe has been with her parents in Colorado since the accident and initially expected to be there for at least a month due to her condition. She is said to have a very long road to recovery, requiring intensive therapy and rehabilitation.

A Go Fund Me campaign was started by family members to assist with medical bills and other expenses. It had raised more than $27,500 of a $25,000 goal as of late yesterday.

A recent update from Chloe’s mother Amanda Oliverio stated that Chloe is coming home and their flight will land in Detroit late Sunday evening. Chloe will continue with out-patient rehab at the University of Michigan Hospital and physical therapy at Athletico in Milford. Her mother said Chloe “has a long road to recovery but nothing will hold her back”.

A meeting was planned yesterday with a medical team to prepare for Chloe’s return home and what it means to have a moderate/severe traumatic brain injury. Her specific injury is a grade 3 diffuse axonal injury. Oliverio thanked everyone who has donated and said while they have tried not to think about the massive financial impact of the accident, she knows it’s looming over them and they appreciate all of the love, prayers, and support.

Chloe is on the Milford High School Varsity Boardercross team and Team RipTurn - USASA Race team.

A link to the GoFundMe page is provided. Photo: GoFundMe.