An upcoming event aims to encourage entrepreneurship among young, innovative minds.

The annual Children’s Entrepreneurship Fair will be held Saturday, May 11th, in downtown Brighton. Young entrepreneurs will gather in the parking lot of the State Bank across from the Farmer’s Market with booths showcasing their products and services. Founder and Event Organizer Scott Taylor says the Entrepreneurship Fair is an opportunity for young, budding minds to grow their entrepreneurial ideas. Prior to the fair, children think of a business idea and then prepare their products or service. The day of the fair, the young entrepreneurs decorate their booth and get to experience the thrill of selling to the public.

Taylor says the fair is an opportunity to put kids in charge of launching their own business, while also teaching important life lessons about competition, supply and demand, innovation and making tough decisions. Taylor says he is always surprised by the creativity of the vendors and the level of quality in the product or service they’re selling.

Approximately 200 children are expected to take part in this year’s fair, which will be open from 10am to noon. Those interested in participating are still able to register. Booths are free and open to all kids in grades K through 8. Taylor also encourages community members to attend just to see the kids in action or to find a Mother’s Day gift. You’ll find more information at the link below. (DK)

Photo from Children's Entrepreneurship Fair website.