Bu Jon King / jking@whmi.com

A ceremony Sunday honored the life and service of a longtime local fire chief.

Retired Unadilla Township Fire Chief Mark Schroeder was laid to rest at the Plainfield Cemetery where a graveside service was performed with an Honor Guard featuring Howell and Brighton firefighters, along with the Ringing of the Bell, and Taps.

The service followed a ceremony at Unadilla Fire Department Station on Main Street in Gregory in which firefighters from across the area paid their final respects. Chief Schroeder, who passed away March 15th, spent 37 years in the fire service, all of it in Unadilla Township, where he was a lifelong resident. He served 21 of those years as the fire chief, before retiring in February of 2020.

Schroeder had been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism in 2019 that forced him to step back from the fire service.

Photos courtesy of Livingston County Fire Buffs Facebook page.