A fundraising effort has been deemed a success to purchase specialized equipment that will greatly benefit all of the outdoor enthusiasts that use the greater Chelsea/Waterloo/Pinckney recreation areas.

The Chelsea Area Fire Authority has been able to purchase a Rokon ATV, along with a rescue trailer. The equipment will allow crews to gain access to various trails and transport injured persons off the trails in a timely manner. Officials say providing aid to high adventure sports enthusiasts can be very challenging due to the remote locations and terrains involved so having the equipment in place and ready to respond to emergency calls for injured persons is viewed as a tremendous asset in rendering aid to citizens in need. It’s projected the equipment will reduce rescue times by 50% or more. Officials say with trauma injuries, time is of the essence so the quicker crews can get the injured person packaged and transported to the appropriate hospital, the better their chances are for a good outcome and recovery. It was noted this is a new chapter in the ever-changing world of fire and ems services and there's a need for specialized equipment but there are also budget challenges. Fire Captain Christopher Smyth said a tremendous thank you is owed to those that made the fund raising event a success from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative, DTE and everyone who donated to the cause. He says they are in the process of ordering the Rokon ATV, along with the rescue trailer.

Smyth says they are working hard to have the equipment ready to serve as soon as possible, noting the GoFundMe page is still active and they are still accepting donations to help fully outfit the Rokon with the needed medical equipment to best serve citizens in need. A link to the GoFundMe website is provided. (JM)