The recent surprise resignation of Howell City Manager Shea Charles was said to be beneficial for both parties.

Charles resigned following a lengthy closed session at Monday night’s Council meeting that was labeled “city manager performance review” on the agenda. The resignation was approved unanimously, although with what appeared to be reluctance from some members and Councilman Bob Ellis absent. Charles will receive a severance package that includes one year salary and benefits. Members were tight lipped about specifics but Mayor Nick Proctor, Mayor Pro-Tem Steve Manor and Councilman Randy Greene all publicly expressed regret and gratitude to Charles for his 15 years of service.

Charles spoke with WHMI yesterday and said over the last few months, he has been in conversations with Council about his future with the organization. Based on those conversations, he says they were able to come to an agreement and understanding that a change in leadership would be beneficial for both the city and himself. With that in mind through continued conversations, Charles says they were able to reach an agreement Monday night in regards to him tendering his resignation. Charles added that it’s really just a case of it being a good time for transition for both parties. He wished the City and everybody the best of luck and future success, saying it has been an absolute pleasure serving the City for the last 15 years. Charles last official day with the City will be June 14th, although his last day in the office is May 24th.

When asked if there was any indication of what Council is looking for in terms of a new direction, Charles said at this point they really haven’t articulated that. He said it’s a great opportunity for them to reflect on how they want to proceed and will take over the position going forward. Charles added that these opportunities and transitions give communities a great chance to kind of step back and think about the next person who will take the position. As to what those attributes are, Charles said that’s something he’ll defer to the mayor and city council in how they’re going to move forward. (JM)