By Mike Kruzman /

County officials have authorized additional funding for a project at the L.E.T.S. base that ran into complications.

Last October, the Livingston County Board of Commissioners approved a pair of projects at the Livingston Essential Transportation Service complex. A new fuel farm canopy was requested to help give workers some shelter from the sun or rain while gassing up the vehicles. Also approved was a partial driveway replacement to replace the asphalt one that was in poor condition with concrete, and build out a small parking area for 3 vans.

The total approved project cost was $109,042 with a 10% contingency. However, as a memo from L.E.T.S. Director Greg Kellogg says to the Board, upon removal of the existing asphalt, poor soil conditions were discovered in the sub-base. This required the need for extensive evacuation work and replacement with new material, along with the installation of a perimeter drain. The cost of the additional work is $31,882, bringing the new project cost to $140,924.

The additional costs will be 100% grant funded with 80% reimbursed from a federal grant and 20% matched from the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The Board of Commissioners approved the fix as part of their most recent consent agenda.