By Jessica Mathews /

An economic forecast webinar is scheduled next week to highlight the impacts of COVID-19 and the future of the economy.

The webinar is aimed at providing an inside look at developing economic patterns and what the future holds for the economy in 2021. The event is being hosted by the Livingston County Chamber Alliance, which consists of the Greater Brighton, Howell Area and Hartland Area Chambers of Commerce.

The featured guest panelist will be Robert Dye, the senior vice president and chief economist of Comerica Bank. Dye leads the Comerica Economics Department, which provides research and analysis said to be vital to the bank and its customers, as well as business leaders and policymakers throughout the country. During the upcoming webinar, Dye is expected to share how COVID-19 has impacted various industries and the economy.

The free event will take place at noon next Tuesday. Registration information is available through the provided link.