By Mike Kruzman /

An improvement project on the Chain of Lakes is being continued, but without work on, or participation from property owners on three of them.

The Lower Huron River Chain of Lakes Improvement Project has roots going back 8 years, but officially kicked off in 2017 with a 5-year plan. Now at the end of the original special assessment district, the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees, on Tuesday, approved a modified 5 year plan to continue the project.

The project aims to maintain ecologic health and recreation opportunities, as well as control the growth and reproduction of non-native aquatic invasive plants, including but not limited to Eurasian watermilfoil and Starry Stonewort.

With the project being a partnership with Washtenaw County, Hamburg Supervisor Pat Hohl said he has met with their Public Works and Water Resources Commission, which relay that many of their residents have expressed a desire to discontinue the project on three of the lakes: Strawberry Lake, Zukey Lake, and Gallagher Lake. The Washtenaw County Public Works Department has agreed to again include Whitewood, Big Portage, Little Portage, Base Line, and Tamarack lakes, and connecting waters.

Hohl said they will reach out soon by mail to those no longer taking part, asking for their interest in pursuing an SAD for their lake and their interest in being a petition circulator, if so.

All parcels within the modified SAD will be assessed one of 5 charges each of the following 5 years, with Hohl saying the intention is to not “double-dip” a property. Those charges include a $98-per year basic charge to residential properties with deeded lake access not abutting the waters and a $173-per year waterfront charge to those that do abut. Commercial properties within the SAD will see a yearly charge ranging between $271 and $3,750 depending on their use.