By Mike Kruzman /

An extension has been granted to allow the committee assisting in census counting to see the process out.

The 2020 Census is wrapping up. At Monday’s meeting of the Board of Commissioners, officials approved an amendment allowing the Livingston County Complete Count Committee to continue operations through September. Committee Chairman and Commissioner Doug Helzerman said President Trump has confirmed that the Census will end next month. Census efforts were originally planned to run through October. Helzerman said they will have money available to spend in getting to the end of September and just needed the Board’s authorization for the committee to continue its work. As of mid-August, Livingston County was #1 in the state of Michigan for people replying, and among the tops in the nation. This bodes well for local residents, as census data is used to determine funding that comes down from the federal government, with each uncounted individual representing approximately $18,000 in lost funds over the next 10 years.

For anyone that has yet to fulfill their census duties, there is still time. To complete the census, call 844-330-2020 or visit