A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by two charitable organizations aiming to help Livingston County adults with developmental disabilities.

A one year agreement was struck last week between Livingston County Catholic Charities and Special Ministries of Livingston County. Until June 30, 2020, Special Ministries will be absorbed and integrated into Catholic Charities’ programming. LCCC Executive Director Mark Robinson says Special Ministries provides valuable social, recreational, and faith-based activities for adults with developmental disabilities. These activities are varied and include bowling, arts and crafts, dancing, exercise, bible study, and more.

During the period of the memorandum Catholic Charities will employ the program staff, screen the volunteers, manage the program and the budget. Robinson said they’ve already hired SMLC’s 6 employees as their own for the upcoming year, on July 1st. Special Ministries will remain a separate non-profit through the length of this memorandum, but will not provide their own separate services or have employees.

At the end of the memorandum’s term, both boards will assess the year, and if all went well, the plan will become permanent, and Special Ministries will be fully integrated into Catholic Charities. Should both parties choose not to continue down that path, however, the option remains for both to return to their status in place prior to this past June 30th. (MK)