Livingston County Catholic Charities has received a grant that will help expand their efforts at preventing elder abuse. LCCC, in recent years with their Prevention of Elder Abuse Neglect and Exploitation Program, or P.E.A.N.E., have made it a priority in recent years to raise awareness about the rise of such abuses. To help with their fight, the Community Foundation of Livingston County has awarded them a $26,766 grant to expand their elder abuse prevention efforts.

A 2015 study by the National Center for Elder Abuse estimates that financial abuse costs older Americans between $2.9-billion and $36.5-billion annually. The NCEA believes that only 1 in 14 cases get reported, thus it is difficult to narrow the range. The Center also reports that 60% of the abuse is caused by family members, like adult children or a spouse, leading many seniors to become reluctant to report abuse.

Catholic Charities prevention efforts to this point have been to bring education and training to not only seniors and their families, but also to people who work in banking, medical personnel, and employees of senior living facilities. This grant money will now allow them to expand into a second phase of prevention techniques. Catholic Charities can now hire an additional part-time staff member to support the program, expand their outreach, create educational materials, and hold a seminar on elder abuse.

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