A restaurant in Genoa Township known for popular patio jazz on summer nights has closed.

Burroughs Roadhouse closed quietly this week after hosting a New Year’s Eve dinner and comedy show event. An announcement was made via a Facebook post on Wednesday morning and simply stated “Burroughs Roadhouse is now closed. We would like to thank our friends and neighbors for all the love and support over the Years”. A sign in front of the business on Brighton Road reads closed and thanks Burroughs staff for everything. Attempts to contact the current owner have been unsuccessful.

While a popular gathering place for locals, it’s been an overall a tough location for success and the restaurant has changed hands a few times over the years. It also has a haunted, historical past. The building was originally the Dorr family’s farmhouse, hence Dorr Road. In the 20th Century, Burroughs Farms was an employee recreation park comprising one square mile on Little Crooked Lake that was operated by the Burroughs Corporation from 1927, when the restaurant was established, until the late 1980's. Former owner Joe Agius previously told WHMI the restaurant is haunted and that he officially met the ghost several times over the the course of his five years, as did quite a few employees. (JM)