The Brighton City Council has voted to approve the purchase of a new water filter “media” at the Challis Road water plant. The filter, one of four filters at the plant, will replace one that has failed due to the buildup of mineral deposits over a 30-year period – the age of the filter. Cost of the purchase and installation is $130,000, based on the lone bid received. Cost of the filter will be covered by the city’s utility fund.

This is the second major maintenance expense incurred by the city within the past month. With the city’s new fiscal year less than a month old, City Manager Nate Geinzer tells WHMI such problems are not atypical for an older community, but are beginning to add up, and could impact the city’s budget if more maintenance issues develop.

The other recent unforeseen project involving the city’s aging infrastructure took place on June 29th when a rupture occurred in a city sewer line on Rickett Road. The City Council had to quickly approve nearly $200,000 in emergency expenditures from the utility reserve fund to fix the problem. (TT)