The Brighton City Council met in special session Thursday night to discuss whether to re-present the Headlee override proposal that was defeated Tuesday - or to let it stand.

After much discussion and a plethora of comments from the audience, council decided to let results stand and not present the proposal a second time in November. Bill McCririe, whose late father was a former city attorney, said the streets and roads in the city are a problem that should have been addressed decades ago – way before the current council.

City Manager Nate Geinzer tells WHMI that although council may appoint an ad hoc committee – composed at least partially of citizens – at this juncture it’s difficult to tell what the next step will be.

Some city voters who spoke told council they shouldn’t even consider re-presenting the Headlee override to the public – one saying that the voters have spoken and that many residents – particularly those on a fixed income - can’t afford the increase in taxes.

Council Member Renee Pettengill said that perhaps if they reduced the amount and the term to 2.5 mills for five years the issue would pass. However, Pettengill said council needed to pause and have a lot more discussion before making a decision. Council Member Jon Emaus said 2.5 mills wouldn’t be enough since the city needs $2.5 million each year to repair and maintain the streets, and, even if the issue had passed, levying the full 20 mills would only have generated about $1.85 million.

Council will meet again next Thursday, and undoubtedly the subject of the Headlee override will come up for discussion. But for this year, with the deadline to put something on the November election ballot being next Tuesday, a ballot issue is out of the question. (TT)