By Mike Kruzman /

The City of Brighton has awarded a contract for tree trimming maintenance over the next two years.

Brighton City Council awarded the contract to Limb Walkers Tree & Snow at their latest meeting. A memo to Council from Assistant to the DPS Director Patty Thomas notes that city staff generates a list of calls received during the year by residents that are concerned about tree condition and safety. That list is added to the staff’s list of right-of-way trees needing to be removed or trimmed due to being dead, dying or dangerous.

A Request for Proposal was sent recently in an effort to secure a contractor to perform the needed tree maintenance work that cannot be performed by city staff. The contract was for 2 years, with 2 one-year extensions.

While the City was hoping to receive at least 3 bids, they received only two, one from Limb Walkers, and one from Arbor Master Tree Service. Limb Walkers’ daily rate was $500 less than Arbor Master’s. Arbor Master’s offered no annual increase, while Limb Walkers’ would increase fees 6% beginning in year 3, if the contract was extended. Staff contacted three of Limb Walkers’ references and received favorable feedback.

They unanimously voted in favor of awarding the contract to Limb Walkers’ for an amount not to exceed $58,000 for FY 2021-22. The City has that covered in this fiscal year’s Roadway Tree Maintenance Budget. In future years, trimming and removal costs will be considered and applied to the budget process, with expenditures not to exceed the approved budgeted amount.