Greg Coburn /

The Charter Township of Brighton had a discussion at this week’s meeting about what to do with the properties that are owned by the Township.

Brighton Township Manager Brian Vick said that the Township has ownership of various properties. Some properties where there are structures and governmental activities, and others they have acquired over the last four or five decades. The Township Board asked for a list of all of their properties to determine which properties could be put up for sale if there wasn’t an intended use. Specifically, there is a property on Link that they will be putting up for sale along with a couple of other properties. The talk had to do with three parcels located near Clark Lake, and the decision on those was to maintain a natural park. Meaning, it would be a passive park with nature trails as opposed to having a parking lot with recreation amenities such as a playground. There are currently nature trails through there, so there won’t be any extra expenditures to improve those areas, but the Township needs to identify those properties so that they can include them in their long-term park plans.