A public hearing is scheduled in regard to a rezoning request from the owner of a gravel pit in Brighton Township.

The applicant is Lew Hayes of Ashley Land Development Company, which is based in Milford. They are proposing to rezone 32 acres in the northwest corner of their 125 acre gravel pit off of Stobart Road, between Muir and Labadie roads, from NR or Natural Resources to I or Industrial in order to crush concrete. The balance of the site will remain Natural Resources for the gravel pit. More detailed information for review regarding the crushing of concrete would be part of the rezoning and special land use permit process. The owners are expected to address issues related to noise, dust, the number of trucks and hours during an upcoming public hearing. A tentative date has been set for the May 13th Planning Commission meeting, which starts at 7pm at the Brighton Township Hall on Buno Road. Properties within 300 feet will be notified 15 days ahead of the meeting. The Ashley Land Development Company’s gravel pit has a current two-year permit for extraction and limited fill, which expires on September 30th. There are two other active gravel pits in the area: Natural Aggregates which is adjacent to the west and further west, American Aggregates. Extraction permits for both also expire on September 30th.

More information can be found on the Brighton Township website. The link is provided. Picture is courtesy of Google. (JM)