The school year in the Brighton Area School District will end next Friday, June 7th, the same date as was originally set when the 2018-19 school calendar was mapped out. However, after a grueling winter with many snow days, it was thought for a while that a couple of days would have to be tacked onto the end of the school year to make up for all the snow days, which went well over the 6-day limit.

Because Brighton had negotiated a contract with its teachers union requiring 175 classroom days before the 180-day minimum went into effect, its original request for a waiver was denied. But it was ultimately granted by the state Dept. of Education, according to Supt. Greg Gray.

The 5-year contract between the Brighton Area Schools and its teachers union, requiring 175 instructional days per year, is set to expire in August, and the 180-day minimum will need to be part of any new contract that is negotiated. The last day of school on June 7th will be a half-day session. (TT)