Jessica Mathews /

Despite some community rumblings, officials say there are no plans to close or move the Brighton Senior Center.

Brighton Area Schools operates the Senior Center, which is located in the Miller Intergenerational Center at 850 Spencer Road.

There’s been community speculation that changes are being proposed to close or relocate the center. The district has refuted those allegations. However, it will be expanding pre-school offerings, as the building is at capacity. Thus, the Senior Center will be used temporarily for pre-school during the school day.

"The Brighton Area Schools is proud to be able to offer the senior center to our residents. While all school districts in Michigan are funded and supported to educate the youth of their communities, our district does invest significant district resources into the senior center because we believe in the importance of lifelong learning. That support will continue," said Superintendent Matt Outlaw.

Meanwhile, the City of Brighton issued a press release encouraging seniors to join the center with free membership.

Council has voted to support and encourage senior citizens to join. To make it easier, the City will cover the cost of basic membership for Brighton seniors.

The Brighton Senior Center offers a variety of daily activities and special events and provides a vibrant community for seniors to stay active and connected. It welcomes all individuals aged 50 and older.

City Manager Gretchen Gomolka said "We are thrilled to support our senior community by encouraging them to take advantage of the wonderful resources and programs available at the Brighton Senior Center. The center is a vital part of our community, offering a place for seniors to stay healthy, learn, and socialize. We look forward to seeing many new faces and fostering a welcoming environment for all."

More information is available in the attached release and provided link.