An agreement between the Livingston Essential Transportation Service or (LETS) and Brighton Area Schools to lease additional vehicle parking space has been finalized.

The Livingston County Board of Commissioners met recently and granted final approval for a resolution authorizing the parking space lease agreement between Livingston County and BAS. The entire vehicle fleet for LETS is housed at the Livingston County Transportation Complex, located west of Howell near the Spencer J. Hardy Airport. There has been a lack of vehicle storage in the eastern portion of the county, which officials say creates operating inefficiencies when LETS vehicles travel empty between the Transportation Complex and morning pickup locations in and around Brighton. The approved arrangement allows the county to lease parking space at the Brighton Bus Garage, which LETS officials have stated is a secure and a prime location due to its proximity to Grand River and Old US-23. The resolution regarding the agreement received unanimous support from commissioners. Board Chairman Don Parker told WHMI the agreement gives LETS a footprint in the eastern portion of the county to serve residents there - rather than Burkhart and Grand River where the main garage is. He says it will add a lot of versatility in terms of how they’re able to provide service.

The school district has agreed to lease parking space at a cost of $50 per space per month for an initial lease of two spaces for one year. LETS Director Greg Kellogg earlier stated he felt it was “prudent” for LETS to enter into a short-term arrangement before pursuing an investment like purchasing a facility for additional vehicle storage or a long-term lease. (JM)