On Nov. 5th, voters will go to the polls to decide the fate of a $59.4 million bond issue for the Brighton Area Schools.

A forum was held Monday evening at the Brighton Performing Arts Center to discuss the bond issue, which will, if passed, result in no tax increase whatsoever for school district property owners. One original aspect not popular with the public which has been changed was an enclosed dome that would be used as an extra practice facility for sports as well as other school-related activities.

Superintendent Greg Gray says that after receiving input from district residents it was decided not to have a dome as part of the bond issue. Rather, he says, a permanent, steel-framed, rectangular structure will now be part of the proposal. Gray says the facility, to be called a multi-purpose center, would also be made available to the community for activities on weekends, such as craft shows, off-season farmer’s markets and other such events.

One major aspect of the bond issue will be STEAM center additions for every elementary school in the district, along with STEAM center upgrades for Maltby Intermediate and Scranton Middle School and an addition for a new STEAM center to be constructed at the high school adjacent to the auto lab. STEAM, an acronym, denotes Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, and the STEAM aspects alone will encompass over 30% of the bond issue. Another $8 million is earmarked for technology improvements. New or re-paved parking lots is another major item in the bond issue, along with myriad facility and infrastructure upgrades.

Gray says there will be other opportunities to get information for those who did not attend Monday’s forum. He says a second forum for the general public will be held on Oct. 7th, also at the Performing Arts Center. In the meantime, he says anyone with questions may call him at his office. Gray has also been giving talks in recent weeks to various community groups, such as clubs, school PTOs and other organizations. (TT)

Attachments explaining the Nov. 5 BAS bond issue are displayed below.