The final two information sessions to get input on a plan that would double the current annual assessment for business owners will be held Thursday by the Brighton Principal Shopping District.

The current multi-year assessment is set to expire in April with no replacement decided upon. Through the assessment, the PSD is able to provide funding for various strategies and promotional efforts. The proposal by the PSD board is to double the current annual assessment of 14 cents per square foot of first-floor space to 28 cents.

While some business owners have expressed concern about the plan being too excessive, others like PSD chairman Mark Binkley say that if it’s approved, they’ll be able to do many things they currently can’t due to budget limitations, including a re-branding of downtown Brighton and expanding its marketing area. On the other hand, Binkley says if the assessment is not approved and the old one is allowed to expire, the PSD would likely disband, along with all the programs and promotions it sponsors. That would include curtailing events like A Taste of Brighton and Ladies Night Out.

The final two meetings will be held Thursday at 8am and 6pm, with both taking place in council chambers at city hall. (JK)