With the August primary election approaching, Brighton Police say the public needs to stay within the confines of the law when it comes to political signs. Police Chief Rob Bradford tells WHMI that defacing or stealing a political sign is a criminal offense – a misdemeanor - and could result in a 93-day stay in jail.

The Michigan Dept. of Transportation says each year hundreds of political signs line roadsides across the state. Improperly placed signs can create safety hazards and interfere with a driver's vision along roadways. According to the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, for candidate committees, the identifier must say “paid for by” and cite the committee’s name and address. It must be legible and separate from the text of the sign.

The placement of political signs is governed by the local municipality in accordance with local ordinances and zoning rules. If a candidate’s sign has been stolen, he or she should contact the local police dept. and file a report, and the police agency will handle any necessary enforcement action. (TT)