The Brighton City Council has approved the purchase of new body armor for the city police dept. to be ready in case of an active shooter situation. At its Aug. 1st meeting, council approved purchase of 17 ballistic body armor vests and related equipment at a cost of $11,423 from Pro Tech, the low bidder among 3 bids received.

In his written report to council, Deputy Chief Craig Flood said that with more and more active shooter events taking place around the country, and the majority involving high-powered rifle or assault weapons, the police dept. needs the kind of body armor that has a higher rating than standard issue armor.

In other purchases, council approved buying a new pick up truck with snow plow equipment to replace a 14-year-old vehicle that, in the words of DPS Director Marcel Goch, is “well past its useful life.” The Ford F-250 pickup truck is being purchased at a cost of $40,862 as part of the 2019 State of Michigan and Macomb County contract out of the 2019-20 city CIP budget. The city plans to auction off its current one-ton pickup, and Goch expects to get $3,000-$4,000 for it, bringing the final cost of the new truck down to about $36,000. (TT)