The Brighton City Planning Commission took up the related matters of amendments to the city’s zoning ordinance and code of ordinances at its Monday night meeting. If given final city approval, the changes primarily would affect two funeral homes: the Lynch & Sons Funeral Home at 600 East Main St. and the Keene-Griffin Funeral Home at West Main and Third.

One citizen at the meeting, who lives next to the Keene-Griffin Funeral Home, told the commission that since the new owners took over they have indicated to her an interest in buying her property. In addition, the resident said she understands that the owners are also interested in purchasing her neighbor’s property — all for expansion purposes and to put in more parking space. Planning Commission Chairman Matthew Smith said it is necessary to change the zoning classification of the two funeral homes from residential to transitional zoning since they are commercial enterprises, and being in a residential zone - a non-conforming use - would prevent them from being able to make improvements if they plan to expand.

The commission’s action on the ordinance changes will likely go to the City Council for consideration of final approval at the first or second meeting in January. Smith said any improvements to the properties proposed by the owners would have to go to the Planning Commission, and then to the City Council, for approval. (TT)