By Mike Kruzman /

The City of Brighton will soon be opening up more parking spaces downtown.

Back in December, Brighton City Council authorized designated and temporary 15-minute parking signs designed for the quick pick up of food in a restaurant or stop into a merchant’s shop on Grand River and on Main Street.

At Thursday night’s Council meeting, Assistant to the City Manager Henry Outlaw said that based on current pandemic estimations and weather, that staff would like to recommend removing around 50% of those signs now. He said the temporary parking did help restaurants, but there are areas where it would make more sense to revert to normal parking again.

Councilwoman Renee Pettingill said she thought it would still be beneficial to have a temporary spot “here or there, but not the big strips of 3.” Councilman Jon Emaus was in support of a reduction, stating it was always intended to be a temporary program. Councilman Jim Muzzin made a motion that passed unanimously for a minimum of 50% reduction of spots, up to the discretion of city staff.

City manager Nate Geinzer said that Outlaw will look at the spots, touch base with businesses, and use that discretion.