By Jessica Mathews /

A construction project said to be a long time coming in the City of Brighton is on track for spring construction.

City Council met virtually on Thursday night and approved a proposal for bidding and construction engineering services with Tetra Tech in an amount not to exceed $742,000 for the Northwest Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Project.

The project will be done in three phases and includes replacement of water and sanitary utility systems, installation of a new curb and gutter storm collection system, and complete street and sidewalk replacement. A memo states that staff and Tetra Tech have been working on the project for two years and design is now complete, thus bidding and construction is next.

During the meeting, Councilman Jim Bohn raised some questions about budget contingencies given the City has had problems with cost overruns in prior projects. DPS Director Marcel Goch responded to say they’ve had ample time to go through the proposal and he doesn’t like putting contingencies on something like this as he feels it leaves the door open. He said they’re asking for Tetra Tech to do their due-diligence and that’s what this is.

Tetra Tech’s Senior Project Manager Steve Magna is leading the city project. He told Council the intent is to absolutely have no extras on this projects, noting he feels they have a reasonable amount of hours and costs included – noting if there were to be any monies leftover, they would not use it and return it back to the City with the budgets that have been established. Magna said he thinks it’s a reasonable project budget and they’re not trying to overshoot anything, adding he thinks they also came up with reasonable approach with the three phases spanning over three years.

Bidder pre-qualification is expected in March with contracts awards desired in April for an expected start date in May. The first phase includes 5th, 6th and 7th Streets, with all blocks of State and Chestnut Streets located west of 4th Street being reconstructed. Phase two will involve 3rd, 4th and Center Streets, with Walnut and the remaining block of State Street. The third and final phase will be contained east of Second Street and includes Chestnut, Walnut and 1st Streets.