An active learning and play structure will be the focus of a Brighton District Library fundraising effort.

Library Director Cindy Mack said they “want to provide the kind of environment that encourages interactive and imaginative play for children of all ages.” That’s why they want to offer a versatile play structure that could be a veterinary clinic one day, a farmer’s market the next and the stage for a puppet show the day after that. For each scenario the library would provide toys and props for the kids to pretend.

Head of Youth Services, Carla Sharp, said that research shows high-quality play is important for kids’ development as it, “calls upon a child’s imagination and creativity” and involves social interaction and conversation which she says is very important for language development. In addition to the indoor play structure and props, there would also be themed learning panels and interactive elements for older kids including whiteboard walls, an Everbrite light board and active spaces for gaming and problem-solving activities.

The library has set a goal of raising $25,000 with a variety of giving levels that range from naming rights on the interactive play structure for three years for a donation of $3,000 to paper butterflies kids can color and post on the wall for a donation of any size. A full description of giving levels is available on the library’s website.

The library hopes to implement the project later this year, as part of the renovations that will be happening throughout the library this summer and fall. You’ll find details through the link below. (JK)