Jessica Mathews /

June is amnesty month at a local library.

If any patrons have a long-overdue item owned by the Brighton District Library, they can return it without fear of paying the lost item fee during the month of June, regardless of how long they’ve had it checked out.

It’s all part of an increasing trend of library amnesty programs aimed at welcoming forgetful or unlucky patrons back into the fold.

The Brighton District Library’s amnesty period, which lasts for the month of June, is as much an attempt to regain lost patrons as lost books.

Director Cindy Mack says their ultimate goal is to remove barriers to access for all members of the community. She says “If you have a book that is long overdue and it’s kept you from using the Library, please bring it back and get your account in good standing again. We miss you and hope to see you this summer!”

As of January 1st, 2022, the Brighton District Library eliminated overdue fines. Patrons still need to return items but if they are a few days late there will be no resulting fine. Materials kept longer than 21 days over the due date are still considered “lost” and may be sent to collections.