Today (Friday) is the last day of leaf pickup in the city of Brighton for the fall season. City Department of Public Services Director Marcel Goch says the city got behind on leaf removal when winter snows came early last month, and had to temporarily suspend leaf pickup operations. But, after most of the snow melted, the city DPW picked up where it had left off and resumed curbside leaf pickup. Goch tells WHMI that they’re pretty well caught up at this juncture.

Waste Management stopped picking up the bagged leaves at the end of November, and the city only has vacuum machines that pick up loose leaves. So Goch suggests that those who still have bagged leaves empty them on the street next to the curb to be picked up by the city. But he cautions that those persons need to call the city first to make sure the DPW crew knows where to go, and says NOT to call at the end of the day. Goch says today is the absolute deadline, and after that, no more leaves will be picked up by the city this year. (TT)