Brighton Area Schools Superintendent Greg Gray says he will set up a meeting with local government officials to discuss the possible installation of a pedestrian crosswalk with flashing lights on Brighton Road near Brighton High School.

Parent Ellen Webb told the Board of Education at its meeting Wednesday that while there are flashing traffic signals on Brighton Road at the side street that runs near the football stadium, there are no flashing pedestrian crossing lights. As a result, Webb said, it’s dangerous for students to cross there to get to the high school, particularly with heavy morning commuter traffic whizzing by.

Superintendent Greg Gray said the school district solved a similar problem several years ago in front of Maltby Intermediate School and Hilton Elementary with the installation of flashing yellow pedestrian crossing signs that also change the speed limit when activated. The project was done in conjunction with the Livingston County Road Commission, which sets the speed limits on county roads.

Gray has been in touch with Brighton City Manager Nate Geinzer regarding the need for pedestrian crossing lights, and the alternative of putting in pedestrian crosswalks at the 6th Street intersection, which is within the city limits. Gray said further that he will arrange a meeting with Livingston County Road Commission Managing Director Mike Craine, Genoa Township Supervisor Bill Rogers, City Police Chief Rob Bradford, Geinzer and himself to discuss a solution. Webb said she hopes the work can be done before the start of school in September. (TT)