The Brighton Board of Education has approved two new courses for Brighton High School beginning with the 2018 fall term. They are forensic science and aquatic basics, both one-semester classes. Supt. Greg Gray tells WHMI the courses are being added to fill holes in the curriculum over the amount and variety of course offerings.

Forensic science is the application of scientific techniques during criminal investigations. The subject incorporates biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology. Major aspects include processing a crime scene, collecting and preserving evidence, analysis of evidence, hair and fibers…and the course will also include arson and explosion investigations, along with analyzing DNA evidence, fingerprints, firearms, and document analysis.

Gray says the course has often been requested by Brighton students through the Michigan Virtual School courses offered at Brighton High School. It was felt that indicates a need for a regular classroom course so students can participate in hands-on discovery and experimental activities.

The Aquatics Basics course will focus on teaching basic swimming skills and techniques and will include pool and water safety and basic lifeguarding techniques. It will be taught at the high school aquatic center, completed a couple of years ago as part of the $89 million bond issue approved by voters in 2012. (TT)