By Jessica Mathews /

Some repairs are slated for a beat-up boardwalk in Genoa Township.

The boardwalk is essentially right across the street from Brighton High School, which is over 20 years old. At a recent meeting, Manager Mike Archinal reported that some tree branches have hit the structure over time and it’s made of wood, so it’s doing what wood does when it’s been outside for 20 years.

It was noted that the asphalt approaches have been replaced on both sides and it looks pretty good but the horizontal deck boards, which get the most wear and tear, are in really bad shape. The proposal is to replace the decking with composite material, which was said to be about the same price as wood now.

Supervisor Bill Rogers told WHMI they’re going to clean it up and make sure it’s safe and probably go to a composite decking as that material is not susceptible to the elements and doesn’t need to continually be treated like wood.

Rogers said they need to get it done as there are safety issues and anyone that has been by the boardwalk will notice that it’s gotten pretty rough and they’ve been patching it over time. He noted the township has further been working upgrade materials with different projects and make the move to materials that require less maintenance.

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve a proposal from Spruce Homes and hardscapes to remove and replace the horizontal deck boards, rails and balusters on the boardwalk at a cost of $15,480.

Rogers says they’re hoping the work can get done this year, depending on the contractor schedule and availability of materials, noting the supply chain has been “absolutely horrendous”.

Photo - Google Street View - November 2020