By Mike Kruzman /

Student leaders from Brighton High School aren’t letting the pandemic stop them from celebrating cancer survivors and lifting up those in battle.

BHS’s annual Pink Week will begin Saturday and run through next Friday, October 9th. Even though the pandemic has cancelled many events and postponed

many facets of life, the students are trying to rally the town under a good cause.
Grace Griffin is a senior at Brighton High School and a member of the Leadership Team in charge with running Pink Week. She in charge of this year’s Survivor Walk, in which survivors and their families walk across the football field. Griffin invites all cancer survivors and their families to come out for the event at the high school, Thursday night, around 7:30pm. The walk will go on for around 15 to 20 minutes, giving families time to make the trek across the field, release balloons, and celebrate the survivor’s accomplishments.

Griffin said that safety is a priority and they are doing everything they can to make it so. Masks and social distancing are required, and hand sanitizer will be available at the walk. A website has been set up for people who wish to participate in the walk, so that organizers can have an idea towards how many people are wishing to attend. Griffin said there are a lot of other ways to get involved on top of the walk, if people like. For a $25 donation that will go towards research, pink paw prints can be painted on your driveway. There will also be window paintings and t-shirts for sale at the farmers’ market, along with baked goods to help support the cause.

Griffin said just because it’s Pink Week which traditionally centers around breast cancer awareness and survivors, they are really trying to open it up to all cancer survivors this year. Her dad is a survivor, to which she said really made her want to do her part with this week. Griffin said it can be a really touching moment for all families and survivors to celebrate and be together for this month.

Sign up for the survivor walk at