By Jessica Mathews/

Michigan Medicine is now offering limited curbside COVID-19 screening to patients, including a new site at the Brighton Health Center.

As of Tuesday, Michigan Medicine patients who have an appointment through their providers may use the screening service in the parking lots of the Brighton Health Center off Challis Road, West Ann Arbor Health Center and the Canton Health Center. Officials stress that testing is for existing Michigan Medicine patients and patients must have an appointment before curbside screening. It is not a drive-up testing site for the general public and those who arrive without an appointment will not be screened. Testing will be requested by Michigan Medicine providers with a focus on high-risk patients, including elderly patients and those with immuno-compromised conditions. Patients who meet the criteria for testing will receive a swab through the window of their car. The test may either be sent to the state testing lab or a private lab and results could take several days.

Michael Mulholland is the senior associate dean for clinical affairs at Michigan Medicine and executive director of the University of Michigan Medical Group. He says they are offering curbside testing to help reduce the need of potentially infected patients to come inside their clinics and hospital and thus minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure to their employees and patients. He stressed that screening is not necessary for everyone and many patients with COVID-19 have mild symptoms that can be managed at home. Mulholland says the first step for any concerned patient should be to call their physician before seeking treatment at a health care facility.