By Jessica Mathews /

The Brighton Area Fire Authority has named the department’s 2020 Firefighter of the Year.

Jason Zygmunt Wisby is said to be kind, considerate and well respected throughout the organization. He came to the department in July of 2018 as a paid on-call firefighter. He’s a former competitive powerlifter and personal trainer. In 2019, he obtained various certifications and was appointed to the Livingston County Hazardous Materials Special Team.

Fire Chief Mike O’Brian says from the moment Wisby was hired, he was highly engaged and driven to learn the science of firefighting. Because of his strong work ethic, he was said to have moved up quickly through the ranks from probationary firefighter to engineer. O’Brian says each month; Wisby is consistently one of the top responders out of Station 35 off Chilson Road.

In 2020, one of the department’s full time captains was out on injury and he said Wisby stepped up to help the department and filled numerous empty shifts. O’Brian added that Wisby is always willing to help, take on a new project, learn a new training concept, or fill a shift if called upon. Photo: O'Brian pictured left, Wisby right.