A local library is inviting parents and their young children to participate in a program that will help get the kids’ minds ready to read. The Brighton District Library is hosting Rhythm and Rhyme Tuesdays story time each week from 10:15 am until 11.

The library uses 5 literacy practices during their story times, those being talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing from a series called “Every Child Ready to Read.” These practices have grown out of a body of research that shows that parental interaction with children at an early age is crucial to later success in school. The library further encourages parents to use puppets or stuffed animals with their children to make up stories, which will help develop narrative skills and understanding.

The Tuesday morning program helps develop children’s brains and teaches motor skills that will help prepare the child for a life of reading. Kids and parents will dance with simple instruments, with there also being tunnels for the children to crawl through, and parachute play. Each session ends with open play time. Admission is free and tickets can be obtained in the youth department 15 minutes before each weekly event. (MK)