The city of Brighton will be getting a monetary shot in the arm from the Brighton Downtown Development Authority for the next several years.

The DDA Board, meeting last week in monthly session, voted to contribute 18% of its annual budget to the city to bolster its general fund. The annual supplement won’t go into effect until the 2020-21 fiscal year since the DDA has financial commitments it must meet in the coming year. Although the annual contribution could go up or down — depending on the DDA’s revenues in any of the six years — the amount is expected to rise slowly.

According to City Manager Nate Geinzer, if the additional funds were to start this year, the 18% would amount to about $160,000. Geinzer had originally asked for a commitment up to the year 2045, when the DDA’s life will come to an end without an extension, but the board hesitated to commit funds so far into the future. Still, Geinzer was pleased with the DDA’s action. He called it “a good compromise which meets the purpose of the request.” The city manager also called the DDA commitment “confirmation of the strong working relationship between the DDA and the city.” Geinzer says he is not required to bring the DDA action to council for a final vote, saying it will simply be made a part of the 20-21 city budget when it's adopted. (TT)