By Tom Tolen /

The Brighton City Council approved the list of civic events for 2022 at its meeting Thursday night.

Just one civic event has been recommended for denial, that being “Ruck to Live”, which is being applied for by Veterans Connected. The event was held last year but the Ruck portion is being changed this year and the new route hasn’t been provided. According to city officials, when the applicant provides the needed details, the committee will review them, and if the information is acceptable, will bring the matter before the City Council for approval.

Organizations requesting an event must have a pre-event meeting with the city; also, for large, multi-day events and parades a route map, event details and other information must be submitted in order for for proper planning to take place. While the Bark in the Park event was held last year, this year the applicant is proposing to include a beer tent and are working with the Civic Event Committee to determine the location.

Approval of the event is conditioned upon acceptance of the beer tent location, alcohol management plan, proper permits and licensing obtained by the Civic Event Committee. Any sponsoring organization cannot be in tax default to the city…Currently, two applicants are in default and being advised by the city they must pay any outstanding funds owed.

This is also the first year that the tiered Civic Event Fee Schedule will be implemented. For 2022, the cost to be paid by each permit holder is 1/3 of 50% of the City’s total cost, or 17%. Those sponsoring the Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day parades will not be required to pay the civic event fee to the city in full.

Council also Thursday night unanimously approved the City’s Main Street banner policy and application process.