In light of Tuesday’s primary election, the city halls in Brighton and Howell and several area townships, including Brighton Township, will be open Saturday for people who want to pick up an absentee ballot – or who have an absentee ballot and want to hand the completed ballot in.

Brighton City Clerk Tara Brown tells WHMI that city hall will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday for the convenience of voters. All registered voters in the city of Brighton are eligible to vote in the primary election. Among the items on the ballot will be a proposal by the city to override, or negate, the Headlee Amendment to allow the city to levy up to the charter limit of 20 mills. The extra funds would go to repair and improve the city’s streets.

Historically, primaries have resulted in low turnouts at the polls. Brown says in the last several Brighton primary elections, the turnout ranged from 13% to 18%. The high of 18% was registered when there was a city proposal on the ballot. (TT/JK)