The Brighton City Council is paving the way for a future setting in which large numbers of people could live in a neighborhood that is within walking distance of downtown. And some people who already live in that neighborhood say they don’t like it.

The neighborhood is North Second Street, which is currently a mixture of single-family homes, senior housing, a small number of light industries, and rental housing. Under the zoning change approved Thursday night, the area will go from R-1 single family housing, R-4 medium density housing, senior housing and light industrial to R-5 multiple family housing.

Rod Arroyo, a partner with Giffels-Webster planning consultants of Detroit, tells WHMI the new zoning will result in two areas: one called Uptown North and the other called Uptown South. He says Uptown South will allow for larger developments than will Uptown North.

At the public hearing on the rezoning, one North Second resident told council that the type of developments that could come in under the new zoning, such as 4-story apartment or condo buildings, is entirely out of proportion to what Brighton is and should be - which is a small town.

Regarding the possibility of a huge new development consisting of high-end townhouses coming into the neighborhood, the audience was informed that no site plan has been submitted to the city at this time. However, a development company called DTN Development Group LLC has submitted conceptual drawings to the city for a $35million, 200-unit luxury townhouse development between Second St. and the Mill Pond. In addition, the Second Street Flats condominiums are being constructed this year at the site of several former duplexes which were torn down to make way for the project.

On that note, Second St. is undergoing complete re-construction, with new sewer and water lines, in anticipation of expected new development. Council approved the new zoning on a 7-0 vote Thursday night, and Arroyo says it should become effective in 3-4 weeks. (TT)