The Brighton City Council has passed the first reading of an ordinance governing the sale and distribution of marijuana, in line with a new state law allowing those over 21 to use recreational pot. The rules are scheduled to go into effect sometime in December, when the results of the November election allowing recreational marijuana are certified.

According to City Manager Nate Geinzer, the city wants to be proactive when it comes to the new rules. The ordinance, simply put, would prohibit commercial marijuana establishments in the city. Council Member Jon Emaus, a local attorney, said that prohibiting pot establishments in the city disregards the will of the people, saying the majority of Brighton residents voted in the election last week to allow the sale of recreational pot.

However, Geinzer says since a lot of factors won’t be known until the new rules are put into place, the ordinance will allow the city time to establish the correct policy. He says council at that time may decide to amend the ordinance and allow marijuana sales in the city, with appropriate ground rules.

As an example of the complexity of the new rules, there will be several different license types under the new legislation including retailers, processors, transporters, microbusinesses, and class A, B, or C growers – class A growers being the smallest growers and class C covering the largest cultivation volume. The motion passed on a 6-1 vote, with Council Member Emaus voting no. The second reading of the ordinance, which will include a public hearing and its possible adoption, will take place at the Dec, 20 council meeting. (TT)