The Brighton City Council unanimously approved minor changes in the zoning ordinance to put a small number of commercial properties in conformance with adjacent properties.

No citizens spoke at the public hearings held prior to council approval of text amendments and map amendments to the ordinances. Brighton Community Development Director Mike Caruso tells WHMI that, in practical terms, council's action cleans up the zoning so that anomalies wherein a property seems incorrectly zoned will be eliminated.

A couple of Main Street funeral homes are affected by council’s action, including the Lynch & Sons Funeral Home and, most particularly, the Keehn-Griffin Funeral Home at West Main and Third. The owners of the latter are desirous of adding onto their facility, and Caruso says they will now be able to do so, since they will go from single-family home zoning to R-T, or residential transitional zoning.

Caruso tells WHMI this will allow them to expand, if they apply for, and are granted, a special land use permit. Caruso says there is also a business next to the Lynch Funeral Home zoned single-family which will also be changed to R-T zoning. (TT)