By Mike Kruzman /

A second Livingston County community is opening a social district.

The City of Brighton is joining the City of Howell in opening up a designated social district and common areas for the outside, open consumption of alcohol. Brighton City Council began looking into this about a year ago, and approved a motion, Thursday night, to establish the district between the hours of noon and 10pm once it opens. Businesses with liquor licenses will be able to buy into the program and sell alcohol to patrons in a specially designated cup with proper markings that can be taken outside and consumed in marked areas.

Councilmember Jon Emaus said they’ve run this through the people they need to and he believes the City as a whole can handle it. He said they’ve talked to the Chief of Police, their insurance carrier, and representatives of local realtors. Emaus said he puts a lot of faith and trust in Brighton’s citizens to act responsibly and mature, and that he has no reason to think they can’t be.

If it becomes problematic, City Council can revoke the social district following a public hearing.

The district will encompass the downtown Main Street area, and then run north along the east side of the Mill Pond on the east, and Grand River to the west, up to Cross Street. This will allow Stillwater Grill, The Wooden Spoon, and Single Barrel Social to participate. Social district- drinks purchased at these establishments would have to be taken south to a downtown common area for consumption. Signs clearly marking the common areas will be placed at the downtown thresholds.

City Manager Nate Geinzer told WHMI that there are still a few things to implement and so they aren’t quite sure when it will go live yet, so “stay tuned.”