By Mike Kruzman /

Brighton officials have approved a new measure that will increase security around the city.

In 2019, Brighton police officer Jeremy Bell performed a security assessment of the police department, and then City Hall, 53rd District Court, and the Department of Public Services buildings that include the Water and Wastewater Plants and Public Works building. Bell determined that the DPS buildings had security weaknesses that could be improved through the addition of surveillance cameras.

City Staff felt the time was now right to bring the request to City Council. DPS Director Marcel Goch told council members at their most recent meeting that they were looking to add the cameras at the Public Works building and treatment plants, along with setting them up at the pavilion near City Hall and the Hyne Street parking lot. The Hyne Street location was a point of discussion during a September City Council meeting when blatant abuse of the dumpsters there was noted for contributing to a rodent problem.

The cost of the needed cameras and associated equipment came to $58,400. Chief Bradford recommended getting the gear from Absolute Security & Investigations. He the equipment has a state bid price with Motorola, and that Absolute uses that bid. Additionally Absolute is offering them to the City at 5% below the bid. Bradford said they have used their services for 5 years and he would hate to have to find someone else to attach to their systems and servers.

Council member Kris Tobbe said he thinks it is great to standardize the equipment, while Jim Muzzin said this is a need that has been budgeted for. City Council approved the purchase unanimously.