A special event aimed at families and citizens concerned about climate change is being held by environmental groups in Brighton, this weekend.

Climate Strike is a weeklong event inspired by youths to bring attention to the need for changes in policies around climate change. This Sunday, the Crossroads Group of the Sierra Club and the Brighton Chamber of Commerce Environmental Coalition are teaming up to generate awareness, educate the public, and inspire action that will provide a positive impact on the global climate. The event will take place from noon to 2pm in front of the Brighton Chamber at 218 E. Grand River.

Attendees are invited to bring fun, positive climate signs to help bring awareness to the issue. Several speakers will share messages on topics like sustainable development for environmentally responsible businesses, PFAS, the youth’s perspective on climate change, and more.

Crossroads Group co-chair Lee Anzicek said there will also be an opportunity to recycle many household products that are traditionally difficult to recycle. This includes toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, empty floss containers, roll-on deodorant containers, and old glow sticks. Additionally, Anzicek says the City of Brighton will now be accepting these items at their recycling stations at both City Hall and the DPW garage.

Anzicek said they will have a sheet available at the event full of action steps to help individuals make a difference. This includes tips like how to up one’s recycling game, the benefits of driving slower, and how to get in touch with legislators to make certain they know this is a priority at the policy level. This local event is one of 700 of its kind going on across the globe over the next week. Anzicek says they are hoping with Climate Strike to shift the political conversation – not just by making people aware, but by encouraging people to do something about it.(Logo: globalclimatestrike.net)(MK)